3W+3W DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit with acrylic enclosure

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Very easy and fun to build DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit with LED light effect, MP3 player and remote control.

The finished Bluetooth Speaker Box measures 107 x 60 x 66mm.

Assembling instructions:

  1. Assemble all the parts onto the circuit board of the VU meter module, starting with the 2 wire bridges, and finishing with the tallest parts (electrolytic capacitors). Always watch the correct polarity! The long lead on electrolytic capacitors and LEDs is [+]. The IC has a notch on one side that has to be aligned with the notch printed on the PCB.
  2. When assembling the LEDs, make sure the long lead goes to [+] and the shorter one to [-]. You will assemble the LEDs with about a 7mm distance between the PCB and the bottom of the LED body. After soldering the LEDs, you need to bend them down as seen in the pictures.
  3. Now solder 2 of the connector wires to the speaker terminals. Watch the polarity: red means [+].
  4. Solder the last connector wire to the LED effect module. Again, red means [+] – in this case “VCC”, and black goes to “GND”.
  5. Peel off the protection from the acrylic parts.
  6. Affix the speakers to the sidewalls, clip the power switch to the rear wall and feed the USB cable through the hole in the rear wall. Make a knot for strain relief and leave about 10cm of the cable on the inside.
  7. Attach the Bluetooth/MP3 and remote receiver module to the front panel.
  8. You will plug the USB cable into a USB port and measure the polarity on the open wire ends to make sure the polarity is correct. In our case, the blue wire was 5V, and the brown wire was GND, which is the opposite of the common color code. Unplug the cable.
  9. Now solder the 5V wire from the USB cable to one side of the power switch, and the GND wire to the GND connection on the LED effect module. Finally, solder the extra wire with one end to the other side of the power switch, and with the other end to the VCC terminal on the LED effect module.
  10. Look at the provided pictures, and you will easily find out how everything is mounted together.

As soon you power it up, one LED on the effect module and the power LED on the Bluetooth/MP3 and remote receiver module will light. Now you can find the new BT device with your phone or computer, and you can connect to it (pairing) without a passcode. Use the IR remote control to change the volume and other settings. A lithium battery is required for the remote but is not included. Some remotes fit CR1220 batteries and CR2025 batteries, and some only CR2025.

The sensitivity of the VU meter LED effect can be adjusted by turning the potentiometer on the LED effect module using a small screwdriver through the provided opening on top of the speaker.

Do not expect a boom box that will shake walls. The DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit is an easy beginner’s project that focuses on the fun of building it, not on scaring your neighbors.