4x AA Battery Box, 25cm wires, open ends

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AA Battery Box for 4 batteries (mignon). Comes with polarity marked (red/black) 25cm long wires with open ends.

Dimensions: 59 x 63 x 16mm

2 reviews for 4x AA Battery Box, 25cm wires, open ends

  1. 3 out of 5

    kevin.szabo (verified owner)

    This is a functional battery box but the molded plastic is very rough and cheap feeling. Lots of extra flashing and misshapen areas. These flaws are cosmetic mostly and do not appear to affect function. It just feels like a 50 cent part, not a three dollar part.

    If you only need three batteries, the 3-cell AA battery box with lid and switch are far far higher quality. https://universal-solder.ca/product/battery-box-3xaa-lid-and-power-switch/ and I recommend that one

  2. 3 out of 5

    kevin.szabo (verified owner)

    Addendum to above review. I see there is a four AA cell holder with lid. It looks like it has the same quality as the three cell box that I mentioned above. It’s only a few cents more than this battery box and the cosmetic quality and build are substantially better. I think I will be buying a couple to replace the 4-cells battery boxes that I already have.


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