8 Relay Shield for Arduino – I2C interface – stackable (DIY Kit)

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Transform your Arduino projects with the 8 Relay Shield for Arduino, an essential DIY kit for those seeking to control higher power devices. This shield is ideal for enthusiasts and professionals looking to enhance their Arduino-based systems.

With its eight powerful relay channels, each able to handle up to 3A at 250VAC, this shield is incredibly versatile for a wide range of applications. Its innovative stackable design allows for easy expansion of your projects while maintaining a tidy setup. The shield operates via an I2C interface, making it highly efficient as it requires just two signals to control up to 64 relays.

The shield is compatible with most 3.3V and 5V Arduino modules and can be powered directly from the Arduino’s 5V line. For 3.3V modules, an external 5V power source can be connected for optimal performance.

This kit comes complete with a pre-assembled PCB, necessary hardware for assembly, and access to a downloadable Arduino library and sample code, ensuring a quick and straightforward setup process.

This 8 Relay Shield for Arduino is perfect for building intricate home automation systems, sophisticated control mechanisms, or for use in educational projects. It’s a reliable and efficient choice for bringing your creative and complex ideas to fruition.

The relays can switch loads up to 3A @ 250VAC per relay output. The relays have normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts to drive loads up to 750VA or larger contactors for even higher switching capacities.

We include a set of short and long Nylon spacers (M3) that can easily be modified (cut) to fit. Unfortunately, the design flaws of Arduino UNO and MEGA boards make it impossible to use “stock” spacers in all four corners.

Download CANADUINO® I2C Relay Library (incl. example code) for Arduino

Download PDF Flyer

Included parts:
Relay Module PCB with SMD parts assembled assembled
– 4 x Short standoffs M3 (Nylon)
– 4 x Long standoffs M3 (Nylon)
– 4 x Nut M3 (Nylon)


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