8×8 Addressable LED Matrix with 64 x WS2812B RGB LED

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LED Matrix 8×8 Addressable LED with 64 x WS2812B, works with Neopixel Library for Arduino

A matrix of 8×8 fully addressable RGB LEDs in the big 5050 SMD package (5×5 mm), compatible with Adafruit’s “Neopixel” Arduino library for WS2812B LEDs.

The module with 64 x WS2812B can be cascaded to build bigger clusters through their data-in and data-out ports.

Every LED contains its own 18mA constant-current driver, and an addressable driver chip, and will work without any current limiting resistors on a power supply of 4-7V.

Since the data protocol is quite timing-specific, you will need a faster microcontroller (at least 8MHz) to control it. You can use it for example with an AVR and Arduino, PIC, STM32 or similar controller. You will have no luck with “interpreted” controllers like Basic Stamp or Picaxe.

Neopixel Library for Arduino download

WS2812B datasheet download


Note: These LEDs are called WS2812B and not “Neopixel”. They were invented by Worldsemi and not by Adafruit Industries. Adafruit is one of many manufacturers putting them on PCBs. Please, don’t call them Neopixel.

3 reviews for 8×8 Addressable LED Matrix with 64 x WS2812B RGB LED

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mike Purdy

    This is a high quality 8×8 matrix. I’m driving it with arduino for a racing sim display. Very sturdy and easy to solder wires onto. Working perfectly.

  2. 5 out of 5


    These 8×8 RGB panels disappeared from the market during the pandemic. I had purchased a 6-pack set from Amazon in 2020 and should have purchased a lot more. Then I found Universal-Solder. I was shocked at the reasonable price and quality of the boards (GREAT). I was so delighted to get them. They are even better than the original ones I got in 2020. The best part. I found a DIY Electonics company I can go back to for other goods. The RGB LEDs are very bright and responsive. Easy to assemble in any DIY project you come up with. They are very sturdy and have plenty of mounting holes. Silk screen is easy to read.

  3. 5 out of 5


    With the neopixel library, it’s really easy to use. You only have to say what led you want to have on and that’s it. The colors are pretty nice too. It’s pretty bright even at the lowest brightness, but a resistor/potentiometer solves the issue.

  4. volkerforster

    You select select the brightness (PWM duty cycle) in your code. A potentiometer does not provide any help here.

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