Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver with 3.5mm stereo output

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Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver Module with Line/Headphone Output.

This about 30×30 mm tiny Bluetooth receiver module needs a power supply of 3.7 to 5V (lithium battery, USB charger etc.).

Depending on your local conditions, and the transmitting device, the range is typically about 5m, but can reach 15m under perfect conditions.

With a signal-noise ratio of at least 90dB, and dynamic range of 91dB, and a THD+N of about 0.03%, this receiver is a very good choice for high-quality Bluetooth audio streaming of standard or high-resolution audio content.

Supported Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP / AVCTP / AVDTP / AVRCP / HFP

Supported audio formats: MP3 / WAV / APE / FLAC

To pair this receiver with your transmitter (for example a smartphone) just power up the Bluetooth receiver module and wait for the new device to show up in the device list on your phone. After the connection has established, the blue LED on the receiver board indicates the connection.

We recommend the Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver module as a receiver for another amplifier, like a headphone or power amplifier. Connecting headphones right to the output can lead to slightly disturbed audio, due to the headphone impedance, and a possible maladaptation.

3 reviews for Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver with 3.5mm stereo output

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alan Rothenbush (verified owner)

    Does exactly what I hoped it would. I connected up power from one of the zillion USB chargers I have laying around and ran a 3.5mm stereo to dual RCA cable from the unit to my amp. Opened the Bluetooth config on my older Android tablet which saw the device. Connected the two in the usual Bluetooth manner, fired up VLC and listened to the tunes on my tablet through my home stereo.

    I’d have to say it sounded as good as the same cable directly connected to the tablet. I certainly expected it would be worse, Bluetooth and all, but I truly couldn’t tell the difference. YMMV of course, but when I see these type of things in pretty boxes selling for a couple of hundred dollars, I really have to wonder how much more you’re getting for all that money.

  2. 5 out of 5

    brian.hambleton (verified owner)

    I have several of these units around my house and am very pleased with all of them. Sound quality is surprisingly good, connection hookup very easy and power source readily available. Very useful units and by gosh, the price is right! I just ordered 3 more since they are currently on a 3 for 2 sale again. Hats off to Universal Solder!

  3. 5 out of 5

    andrew.maxin (verified owner)

    Fantastic and reliable little module.

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