Boost-Buck DC-DC Converter USB Input – 1.2-24V Output

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DC-DC Converter USB Input and adjustable output 1.2V to 24V DC.

The module converts an input voltage of 3.5V to 12V to an adjustable output voltage. The input voltage can be supplied through USB-A and Micro-USB connections, or by soldering wires to the Vin pads.

The output voltage can be adjusted on a trimmer potentiometer and is shown on the integrated LED display.

The button “ON/OFF” has a double function:
A short press turns the output on or off.
A long press turns the display on or off.

  • Input voltage: 3.5-12V DC
  • Output voltage: 1.2-24V DC
  • Output power: 2W (max. 3W)
  • Module size: 80 x 20 x 14mm



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