CANADUINO® Arduino UNO R4 Wi-Fi (compatible)

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Unleash Your Wireless Prototyping Potential: The UNO R4 Wi-Fi

The Arduino UNO R4 Wi-Fi merges the RA4M1 microprocessor from Renesas with the ESP32-S3 from Espressif, creating an all-in-one tool for makers with enhanced processing power and a diverse array of new peripherals. Our 100% Arduino-compatible module with its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, enables makers to venture into boundless creative possibilities. Furthermore, this versatile board boasts a convenient on-board 12×8 LED matrix and a Qwiic connector, offering ample space for innovation and unleashing creativity. This dynamic combination empowers makers to transform their ideas into reality and elevate their projects to unprecedented heights.

Key Features:

  • Microcontroller: Powerful 32-bit Renesas RA4M1 MCU for faster processing and advanced capabilities.
  • WiFi Connectivity: Built-in ESP32 module enables seamless WiFi and Bluetooth® integration for your IoT projects.
  • Form Factor: Classic Arduino UNO form factor with familiar pin layout ensures compatibility with a vast range of shields and modules.
  • Power Input: Wide input range (6-24V) via VIN pin for flexible powering options.
  • USB-C® Port: Modern USB-C® connector for easy programming and power supply.
  • Software Compatibility: Fully compatible with Arduino IDE for a familiar and user-friendly development environment.

Technical Specifications:

  • Microcontroller: Renesas RA4M1 Series (32-bit)
  • Operating/logic Voltage: 5V
  • DC Input Voltage: 6V to 24V
  • Digital I/O Pins: 14 (with PWM capability on multiple pins)
  • Analog Input Pins: 6 (12-bit ADC)
  • DC Current per I/O Pin: 8mA
  • DC Current for 3.3V Pin: Up to 50mA
  • Flash Memory: 256kB
  • SRAM: 32KB
  • Clock Speed: Up to 48MHz
  • WiFi module: ESP32-S3 with 240MHz, 384kB ROM, 512kB SRAM

The Arduino UNO R4 Wi-Fi Advantages:

  • Hardware compatibility with UNO form factor: The UNO R4 WiFi maintains the same form factor, pinout, and 5 V operating voltage as its predecessor, the UNO R3, ensuring a seamless transition for existing shields and projects.
  • Expanded memory and faster clock: The UNO R4 WiFi boasts increased memory and a faster clock speed, enabling more precise calculations and effortless handling of complex projects.
  • Extra on-board peripherals: The UNO R4 WiFi introduces a range of on-board peripherals, including a 12-bit DAC, CAN BUS, and OP AMP, providing expanded capabilities and design flexibility.
  • Extended 24 V tolerance: The UNO R4 WiFi supports a wider input voltage range, allowing seamless integration with motors, LED strips, and other actuators using a single power source.
  • HID support: With built-in HID support, the UNO R4 WiFi can simulate a mouse or keyboard when connected to a computer via USB, making it easy to send keystrokes and mouse movements.
  • Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®: The UNO R4 WiFi hosts an ESP32-S3 module, enabling makers to add wireless connectivity to their projects. Combined with the Arduino IoT Cloud, makers can monitor and control their projects remotely.
  • Qwiic connector: The UNO R4 WiFi features a Qwiic I2C connector, allowing easy connection to nodes from the extensive Qwiic ecosystem. Adapter cables also enable compatibility with sensors and actuators based on other connectors.
  • Support for battery-powered RTC: The UNO R4 WiFi includes additional pins, including an “OFF” pin to turn off the board and a “VRTC” pin to keep the internal Real-Time Clock powered and running.
  • LED matrix: The UNO R4 WiFi incorporates a bright 12×8 red LED matrix, ideal for creative projects with animations or plotting sensor data, eliminating the need for additional hardware.
  • Diagnostics for runtime errors: The UNO R4 WiFi includes an error-catching mechanism that detects runtime crashes and provides detailed explanations and hints about the code line causing the crash.

Arduino UNO R4 Wi-Fi Datasheet (external link)


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