Dual Wi-Fi Relay Module ESP8266 max. 10A

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The Dual Wi-Fi Relay Module is controlled by the ESP-01 IoT module with ESP8266 SoC.

No programming is required. The included ESP-01 module comes with a pre-installed web server application and access point.

Simply connect your phone or computer to the WiFi Dual Relay Module AP “CANADUINO_WiFi_Relay” (password: oniudanac) and open the IP in your browser to connect to the ESP8266 web server.

The screen will show you a button to simply turn the relays ON and OFF.

Since the ESP8266 is running in Access-Point-Mode, no internet connection is required.

You can modify the Arduino code (download below) to use the relay with Blynk or any other solution to connect to a remote server and control your relay over the internet. You might also want to change the SSID and the WiFi password. We recommend our “ESP-Link” programmer for use with the ESP-01 modules and Arduino IDE.

Required power supply: 5V (IN-/IN+)

Switching capacity: 250VAC, 10A

Dimensions: 51 x 32.5 x 20mm

Download Arduino demo code for WiFi Dual Relay