MP3 player with 3W amplifier and micro-SD slot GPD2846A

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Introducing the GPD2846A MP3 player module, the ultimate solution to play background music in your next project. With its user-friendly interface and convenient microSD slot, this module is designed to deliver high-quality sound with ease.

Featuring a powerful 3W (max. @ 5V) audio amplifier (mono), the GPD2846A chip ensures that your music is amplified to perfection when connected to a speaker with 4-16 Ohm. The three intuitive buttons make it easy to navigate through your favourite tracks and control playback.

Thanks to its compact size of 34 x 22.5mm, the GPD2846A MP3 player module can be easily integrated into your projects without taking up too much space. Simply connect the power supply and the module will automatically start playing the first track from your memory card.


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