Sourcing problems getting bigger

It has become increasingly difficult to source certain very popular products. The first chip that disappeared was the STM32F103C8T6, used on the “Blue Pill” modules. Every single “Blue Pill” offered since summer 2021 has a clone chip on it. Next was the BME280 sensor chip that disappeared from the market last spring only to come […]

CANADUINO® PLC 500 released

We just released our newest and most advanced product: The CANADUINO® PLC 500 series. The module is available in a DC (11-35V) and AC (100-240V) version. Click here for the DC version. Click here for the AC version. A mounting tray for a standard 35mm DIN-rail is available as an option.

We moved to Ontario

[rehub_get_social_links icon_size=medium]   After taking everything down in Yorkton, SK, followed by four weeks of moving, and another three weeks of setting everything up again, we are ready at our new location in Windsor for the restart. The new location gives us plenty of opportunities to serve the increasing demand for our products at an […]

New PLC Series 500

[rehub_get_social_links icon_size=medium]   We started our fundraiser on Indiegogo in May this year, and we are glad to have received sufficient funding to finish our current project, the new PLC 500 series. This PLC board will ship wholly assembled and can be integrated with your current controls or can be the heart of a new […]

Up to 1000% price increase on MCUs

[rehub_get_social_links icon_size=medium]   We have seen slowly increasing prices on microcontrollers and other high-demand ICs already earlier this year. Between April and June, we found many of those products disappeared from the market, only to see them showing up weeks later for multiple of the former prices. STM32 microcontrollers went up by 300-1000 percent. Some […]