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Sourcing problems getting bigger

It has become increasingly difficult to source certain very popular products. The first chip that disappeared was the STM32F103C8T6, used on the “Blue Pill” modules. Every single “Blue Pill” offered since summer 2021 has a clone chip on it. Next was the BME280 sensor chip that disappeared from the market last spring only to come back later with a 300% price increase. But the worst is happening just now when the extremely popular Atmega328P has disappeared from every distributor’s stock in the world, and Microchip shows a lead time that reaches into February 2023. We don’t know how many of them Arduino LLC was able to secure for their UNO boards, but it looks like there will be soon nothing like an Arduino UNO, NANO or Pro Mini be available anywhere in the world. We can only recommend buying your modules as long we have stock. The prices are going up and will not come down anytime soon if Microchip is not able to deliver new chips to the market within an entire year.


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