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We have seen slowly increasing prices on microcontrollers and other high-demand ICs already earlier this year. Between April and June, we found many of those products disappeared from the market, only to see them showing up weeks later for multiple of the former prices. STM32 microcontrollers went up by 300-1000 percent. Some sensors (e.g. MPU-9250, DHT22) went up by 200-500 percent. Some other parts just vanished from the market, like the BME280 pressure and temperature sensor. Larger LCD character displays (for example 20×4) went up by 50%, TFT displays by 100-300%. Small LCD character displays, like the 16×2, surprisingly only changed by 10-20%.

We decide for every of the affected products if it makes sense to keep them in stock, even if the price is completely crazy. Therefore, you will find some products currently not available in our store, and some products for a much higher price than before.