10 x Atmega328P-PU MCU with Arduino UNO bootloader

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We have brand new Atmega328P-PU chips in stock!

This is 10 pcs of original Microchip Atmel ATmega328P-PU with Arduino UNO R3 Bootloader installed. These chips are ready to be programmed with the Arduino IDE, just like any other original Arduino UNO R3.

Original Arduino Uno R3 controller chips, 100% compatible with Arduino IDE.

The chips are programmed in-house. When we install the Arduino Bootloader, we make sure every chip works before we package and ship them.

Custom Programming Available

We offer Atmega328P-PU programming with your code for no additional cost. All it takes is a minimum order of 3×10=30 chips and your code. And this is how it works:

  1. On the checkout page, please leave a note that you want us to program the chips for you. There is a field for comments.
  2. Prepare your code as a ZIP file. You can send us dump files for programming with AVRdude or a .INO file to program with Arduino IDE. The latter requires to include the libraries that you want to use in your code as well.
  3. Reply to our order confirmation email and attach the code as ZIP file.

Please understand that we are unable to test or modify your code; we only do the programming!

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