12 pcs extra-long Stackable Shield Headers for Arduino

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Arduino Shields are piggyback-connected using extra-long, stackable headers. These extra-long headers are used to connect one shield to the next to create a larger stack of different modules, all connected to the underlying Arduino module, without the use of Dupont patch wires.

This set of 12 extra-long stackable headers for Arduino Shields includes the header connectors for 3 shields.

Headers included:
6 x 8-pin stackable header (2 for each shield)
3 x 6-pin stackable header (1 for each shield)
3 x 10-pin stackable header (1 for each shield)

The stackable extra-long Arduino Shield Headers have 11 mm long leads to guarantee sufficient distance between your Arduino Module and the Shields, to avoid shorts between the parts and traces of both PCBs.

The body of the stackable extra-long Shield Headers is 8.5mm tall, which is the standard size just like the headers you can find on an Arduino UNO or Arduino MEGA 2560 module.

Tip: To solder stackable Arduino Shield headers, start with only 1 or 2 legs per header. Make sure you take enough solder to fill the via if you are soldering to a double-sided PCB with plated through-holes.  Carefully only apply solder to the pad and avoid applying solder to the part of the long lead that will be inserted into the next socket (keep the long leads free of solder).

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