2 x QN8006 Stereo FM Radio module

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The QN8006 is a high-performance, low-power, fully integrated single-chip stereo FM Radio module with a transmitter function, designed for cell phones,
PMP/PNDs, and portable radios. It integrates both FM receiving and transmitting functions, auto-seek and clear channel
scan, and antenna tuning to ease matching in real applications. The advanced digital architecture enables superior receiver
sensitivity, crystal clear audio, unsurpassed spectral purity, ultra-low harmonic and spurious levels, and high immunity to
TDMA burst noise.

With its small footprint, minimal external component count and multiple clock frequency support, the QN8006 is easy to
integrate into a variety of small form-factor low-power portable applications. An integrated voltage regulator enables direct
connection to a battery and provides high PSRR for superior noise suppression. A low-power Standby mode extends battery life. All pins are ESD protected.


Worldwide FM Band Receive and Transmit

  • 76 MHz ~ 108 MHz full band tuning in 50/100/200 kHz step sizes
  • 50/75ms pre-emphasis and de-emphasis

High-Performance FM Receiver (FMR)

  • Superior sensitivity: 1.2µV EMF
  • High SNR: 66dB Stereo
  • Ultra-Low THD: 0.03%
  • High interference rejection
  • Integrated adaptive noise cancellation (SNC, HCC, SM)
  • Auto channel seek

High-Performance FM Transmitter (FMT)

  • 66dB Stereo SNR, 0.03% THD
  • Maximum 121dB&Vp RF output level with 42dB adjustable range
  • Integrated Clear Channel Scan

RDS/RBDS Transmit & Receive

  • Supports US and European data services, including TMC (Traffic Messaging Channel)

Very Low Power Consumption

  • 9.2mA (Transmit Mode), 17mA (Receive Mode)
  • Integrated voltage regulator, direct connect to the battery

Flexible Audio Interfaces

  • Programmable analog audio input/output
  • Integrated audio AGC and soft clipping

Ease of Integration

  • I2C (2-wire) control interfaces

Robust Operation

  • Supply Voltage 2.7-5V (typ. 3.3V)
  • Logic Voltage 1.6-3.6V (typ. 3.3V)
  • -25 to +85 Celsius operating temperature
  • ESD protection on all inputs and outputs

Download Quintic QN8006 Datasheet from our server

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