2 x TDA-2030 Audio Amplifier with Tone control DIY Kit

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The Dual TDA-2030 Audio Amplifier DIY Soldering Kit includes volume control and tone control (bass, treble).

The kit is considered to be easy to assemble – just follow some helpful instructions:

  • Install the 3 wire jumpers L1, L2, L3 at first, then proceed with the resistors. Install all the parts, beginning with the lowest profile, and finishing with the tallest.
  • To install the amplifier chips, assemble the heat sinks in the correct direction first, then attach the chips to the heat sinks using the included screws. Finally, solder the leads of the amplifier chips to the PCB.
  • Always watch the polarity of electrolytic capacitors, integrated circuits and diodes!
  • The amplifier requires symmetric AC or DC of 9-12V. It has a bridge rectifier and large capacitors on boards and can be powered directly by an AC-AC transformer.

The typical output power is 2 x 15W on a 4 Ohm load (speaker) with a power supply of +/- 14V.

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