20 pcs Color Cycling LED 5mm – Clear

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This is a pack of 20 pieces of clear 5mm LEDs.

The Color Cycling LED is slowly moving between red, green and blue, producing a mix of all possible colours.

The package is standard 5mm (F5) with a longer [+] and shorter [-] lead.

  • Operating voltage: 2.8-4.5V (max. 5V)
  • Operating current: 10-40mA (max. 50mA)
  • Max. power consumption: 225mW

The Color Cycling LED works great even on a low voltage of just about 2.8V, making it a perfect fit for 2 AA/AAA batteries or a single lithium cell.

If you want to drive the LED from a 5V supply, we highly recommend a current-limiting resistor of at least 10 Ohm.



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