24 x WS2812B RGB LED Ring, fully addressable, 86mm


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A ring with 24 fully addressable RGB LEDs WS2812B in the big 5050 SMD package (5×5 mm), fully controllable by a single wire serial connection from a microcontroller.

This module is compatible with Adafruit Industries’ “NeoPixel” library for Arduino.

The modules have mounting holes and can be cascaded to build bigger arrangements.

Diameter inside: 72mm
Diameter outside: 86mm

Every LED contains its own 18mA constant-current driver, and an addressable driver chip, and will work without any current limiting resistors on a power supply of 4-7V.

Since the data protocol is quite timing-specific, you will need a faster microcontroller (at least 8MHz) to control it. You can use it for example with an AVR and Arduino, PIC, STM32 or similar controller. You will have no luck with “interpreted” controllers like Basic Stamp or Picaxe.

Neopixel Library for Arduino download

WS2812B datasheet download

Adafruit registered the brand name “Neopixel” for these LEDs. But the manufacturer is Worldsemi and not Adafruit. Don’t get fooled and believe this would be developed by Adafruit. Adafruit only created a library for Arduino.

We have single WS2812B LEDs and different ring or matrix modules (8 LEDs, 16 LEDs, 64 LEDs), compatible with the Neopixel library for Arduino, in stock.

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