315 MHz Wireless Transmitter Receiver Kit for Micro Controller

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315 MHz Wireless Transmitter Receiver Kit for Micro Controller like Arduino, Raspberry and others.

This kit comes with the MX-FS-03V transmitter module (3.5-12V), and the matching MX-05V receiver module (5V). The typical transmission range is 20-200m, dependingon the power supply, and with a straight quarter wave monopol antenna (l = /4)with 226mm length (just a piece of wire).Better antenna designs, like Yagi for example, can be good for a transmission distance up to some km.

Since the transmission range depends on the voltage supply, a 12V alkaline battery (as used for some remote controls) or 3-4 lithium button cells, connected in series, are recommended.

For Arduino, please download and install the “VirtualWire” library with example code included (download below).


  • Transmission Range 20-200m.
  • Power Supply 3.5-12V.
  • Output Power 10mW.
  • Max. Transmission Speed 4kB/s.
  • Dimensions 19x 19x 8mm, 2.4g


  • Power Supply 5V, 4mA.
  • Sensitivity -105dB.
  • Dimensions 13.5 x 30 x 9mm, 1.8g

Arduino Library “VirtualWire.h” and Demo Sketch

How to build an external antenna for it (external link)

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