4 Channel WiFi Relay Module ESP8266 ESP12F

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4-Channel WIFI Relay Module with multiple power supply options.

AC Power Supply: 90-250V
DC Power Supply: 7-30V or 5V

Using Blynk or other Apps, this module can easily be remotely controlled to switch 4 different loads of up to 10A AC/DC.


  • Onboard ESP-12F WIFI module with 4MB Flash Memory
  • All I/O ports of the WIFI module and the UART port are available through headers
  • Onboard AC-DC switching power supply module
  • ESP-12F supports development tools such as Arduino IDE
  • Onboard 5V relays controlling AC or DC loads up to 10A
  • On-board power indicator, 1 programmable LED and relay indicator


  • The GND, RX, TX, and 5V of ESP8266 are respectively connected to the GND, TX, RX, of the external TTL serial port module
  • 5V, IO0 needs to be connected to GND when downloading, and then disconnect the connection between IO0 and GND after downloading


  • The outputs of the ESP8266 module and the relays are not factory connected. The package includes headers and jumpers that need to be soldered to the PCB, and jumper caps that need to be installed to route the GPIOs from the WiFi module to the corresponding relay.

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