5 pcs ST L7805CV 5V 1.5A pos. voltage regulator

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5 pcs ST L7805CV 5V 1.5A voltage regulator. This is ST Microelectronic’s version of the 7805 popular voltage regulator.

The L7805CV is our favorite pick, because it can handle input voltages up to 35V and cranks out 1.5A (max).

The 2 reasons why we are offering this product:
  • It is our favorite for most of our own designs when it comes to finding the balance between price, capability and reliability.
  • We had big trouble with faked, Chinese L7805CV (of course with the ST Logo), blowing up at a little more than 25V already and showing a terrible ripple and noise. And we found out, that 99% of the L7805CV offered on eBay and Aliexpress for example are exactly those fake chips! Beware of the fakes, and buy the cool original stuff here on Universal-Solder.

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