AHT20 + BMP280 sensor module replaces BME280

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Earlier in 2021, the affordable BME280 sensor modules disappeared from the global market. To fill the gap, we offer a new module that combines an ASAIR AHT20 sensor and Bosch BMP280 sensor chip for accurate reading of temperature, humidity and air pressure.

The module works on 3.3V and supports I2C bus speeds of 100-400kHz.

Measuring ranges AHT20
Temperature: -40 to 85C, accuracy 0.3C
Relative humidity: 0-100%, accuracy 2%

Measuring ranges BMP280
Temperature: -40 to 85C, accuracy 1.0C
Air pressure: 300-1100hPa, accuracy 1hPa

The I2C address for AHT20 is 0x38, for BMP280 it can be 0x76 or 0x77.

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