BLUE LCD 1602 2×16 Character Matrix, Back Light, optional I2C Interface


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Transmissive LCD 1602 shows 2 lines with 16 white characters on blue background. The integrated white LED backlight requires 5V and about 40mA for full brightness.

This high-contrast LCD features the standard Hitachi HD44780 display controller (or compatible). An I2C (2-wire) interface adapter is optionally available.

With the optional 2-wire serial interface (I2C, SDA/SCL), the display would only need a total of 4 wire connections (power supply, ground and bus).

This display is supported by the Arduino IDE, using the standard LiquidCrystal and Wire libraries.

I2C adapter for LCD character displays


  • Size 80 x 36 x 19 mm
  • Operating voltage 4.5V 5.5V DC
  • LED backlight 5V
  • Display area 14 x 64 mm
  • Option: interface board with PCF8574(A)


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