Booster-Charger for 4 x 18650 – output 5V/2.2A and 3V/1A

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4-Bay “Powerbank” module with integrated Charger. The module can hold 4 lithium cells in the 18650 form factor and has a micro-USB port for charging, another USB-C port, and a regular USB-A output port for 5V.

Additionally, there are 5 x 5V and 5 x 3V outputs available on solder joints.

As typical for “Powerbanks”, the output is activated by a minimum current and will turn off if the current drops under a certain value. This function can be disabled by a switch, and the DC-DC converter will stay on and deliver the output voltage until the cells are drained.

Charging current: max. 800mA as per manufacturer information

Output current: 2.2A @ 5V and 1A @ 3V

Dimensions: 91 x 99 x 20mm

Weight: 71g

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