Crystal Clear Acrylic Enclosure Box – Compatible with Arduino UNO

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Neat and crystal clear acrylic enclosure for your Arduino UNO R3 board. The kit is made from 2.5 mm thick, laser-cut acrylic sheets. It comes complete with the mounting bolts and nuts and includes 4 spacers as well (for minimum distance underneath the PCB). This enclosure is made for the original Arduino UNO R3 layout. Please keep in mind, that Arduino clones under certain circumstances could not fit, for example, if the mounting holes are not exactly in the right position. All UNO R3 boards we sell (original layout with Atmega16u2 and also the Chinese layout with CH340G) will fit just perfectly!

If you think the acrylic surface will scratch too easily or you want to hide what’s inside, have a look at our Black Plastic Enclosure for Arduino UNO.

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