DC-DC Switching Regulator 12V 0.5A – TO-220 pinout – 7812 Replacement

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This 7812 pin-compatible drop-in replacement delivers 12V and 0.5A max. current with an input voltage of 13.5 to 40V DC.

Efficiency: 75-90%
Quiescent current: 1.5mA
PCB size: ca. 10 x 18mm

Why should you replace your 78xx LDO voltage regulators with this switching voltage regulator:
For example, your input voltage is 24V, and the 12V circuit you want to power draws 500mA.
With the standard LDO 7812 monolithic TO-220 regulator, the heat dissipation is (24V-12V) * 0.5A = 6W, which already requires a medium size heat sink. With the switching regulator, the heat dissipation is less than 1W.

The step-down regulator comes with over-temperature shut-off, under-voltage and short-circuit protection.

The switching frequency is with 550kHz pretty high, which makes the small size of the device possible.

This regulator is pin-compatible with L7812, LM7812 and other TO-220 7812-type LDOs.

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