Digital LED Clock 6-Digit, DIY kit based on AT89C2051

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Clock Module as a DIY kit, easy to assemble (takes about 20 minutes). The clock program is on a pre-programmed 8051 compatible microcontroller.

Size of the module:70 x90 x 15 mm

Power supply: 5V internal (6.5-12V external)

The kit comes with an English schematic and some Chinese instructions, but it is very easy and straightforward to build, also without an understanding of the Chinese instructions! No worries at this point. The clock can be set using only 1 push button – super simple. There is a socket for a CR2032 lithium battery on board, but the battery would have the display to power as well, which causes a current draw from the battery over its limit, resulting in a voltage drop to a point where the microcontroller freezes. So please just ignore the coin cell socket.
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1 review for Digital LED Clock 6-Digit, DIY kit based on AT89C2051

  1. 5 out of 5

    reedb (verified owner)

    Fun, hackable, very easy to build. Draws about 1.65ma @3 VDC on standby (no display) so two AA batteries make a better backup supply. Easy to add a switch so only displays when pressed. -Reed

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