Digital LED Clock DIY Kit 4-Digits, Alarm Counter Countdown

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Digital LED Clock DIY kit is an easy-to-build beginner’s kit (takes about 15 minutes). The clock program is on a pre-programmed 8051 compatible microcontroller and supports dual alarm time, count-down timer (max. 99 min.), stopwatch and other functions. The speed is in 10 steps adjustable, to achieve a higher precision. This is our most-sold digital clock soldering kit with thousands of kits supplied to schools and colleges in Canada and the USA.


The alarm output signal port 3.7 (pin 11) on the microcontroller can also be used as a digital signal to switch something else instead of only activating the on board buzzer.

Size of the module: 52 x 54 x 15 mm

Size of the display: 41 x 16 mm

Power supply: 3.5 – 5.5V, 50mA

The Digital LED Clock DIY kit comes with a schematic on paper, but no manual. It is easy and fun to determine the function of the 2 push buttons.

Downloads and Documentation

Operating manual for Digital LED Clock DIY kit (different PCB but same functions)

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