Dual Axis Analog Joystick Module with push button function

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Dual Axis Joystick with push-button function.

The joystick module has two 10k Ohm potentiometers to read the X and Y angle. The potentiometers are connected as voltage dividers between GND and supply voltage. Their middle position (joystick neutral position) delivers half of the supply voltage to the analog output pins. Therefore, on a 5V supply, the voltage on X and Y output is 2.5V in the neutral position.

The output voltage can be read through the analog inputs of an Arduino, for example, to move a cursor on a display, to switch through a menu, or to control your Pacman or Snake game.

PCB dimension 34 x 26mm


Note: It is a cheap and light module, but due to its size, we can’t ship it with the economy option (oversize letter mail).

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