Electronic PCB Pliers Precision Lead Shear Cutter

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These low-cost electronic pliers are the ideal tool to shear off the over-length of thru-hole components after assembling.

The shape of the blades allows for a cut flush to the PCB surface, leaving a smooth and flat solder joint behind.

A cutting capacity of max. 1mm copper allows the cutting of most leads and small wires. Other materials will have different max. cutting diameters.

Make sure to always have one pair spare since the lifespan of a low-cost tool is not unlimited.


1 review for Electronic PCB Pliers Precision Lead Shear Cutter

  1. 5 out of 5

    m.p (verified owner)

    For less than six bucks, these are a steal. The jaws line up properly and are nice and straight. The handles are fine, and the spring opens everything back up smoothly. You won’t be cutting deck screws with these nippers, but for electronics work (like they’re intended) they seem to be a great deal. They’re also handy to cut plastic filament and trim edges and burrs in 3D printing.

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