ESP32-CAM with ESP32-CAM-MB USB Programming Adapter


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The ESP32-CAM-MB module comes with the well-known high-performance Espressif ESP32 Wifi+Bluetooth+BLE controller chip and an OV2640 camera module with 2MP resolution.

– Main frequency up to 240MHz, up to 600 DMIPS
– Micro-SD memory card slot
– Lwip and FreeRTOS operating system
– Supports Smart Config/AirKiss one-click distribution network
– OmniVision OV2640 camera module included (1600 x 1200 px)

Camera Lens Options (available in our store):
– 65-75° (included with ESP32-CAM-MB module)
– 120° Wide Angle (SKU 26658)
– 160° Fisheye horizontal (SKU 26659)
– 160° Fisheye vertical (SKU 26660)

The ESP32-CAM-MB module comes in a very small form factor of just 27 x 40mm and fits perfectly on a breadboard for your experiments. We recommend GitHub for software downloads and code examples.

This is the recommended first step to start tinkering with it:
– Follow the instructions on this website:
– Select “AI Thinker ESP32-CAM” as the board in Arduino IDE
– Change communication speed to 115200
– Select the corresponding COM port in Arduino IDE
– Uploading the code for the cam server demo provided on the website using Arduino IDE:
a) the upload starts possibly automatically, then wait until it has finished
b) Arduino IDE shows “connecting…” and the upload only starts after pressing “reset” on your ESP32 module
– Keep following the procedure described in the tutorial

If you receive an error message “detected camera not supported” you should double-check that the selected module in your sketch is “AI Thinker”.

These camera modules can be a little more tricky than an Arduino UNO. Don’t give up, keep trying, reading, and trying again, if it doesn’t work right away.

Download Datasheet ESP32-CAM

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  1. volkerforster

    Thank you for the review. As you say, the camera module can (in some rare cases) not be used as a 1:1 replacement for e.g. an AI-Thinker ESP32-CAM module. But the distance between the USB port and the Wi-Fi antenna doesn’t really matter because the programmer is typically removed when the Wi-Fi module is used in its final application.

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