IR Remote Control Sender Receiver Kit for Arduino etc.

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Complete Infrared Remote Control Kit for your Micro Controller Project!

This kit comes with a remote commander, the IR Receiver with status LED, and additional IR LED for your experiments.

Just connect the IR Receiver to your Arduino, Raspberry, PIC etc. Controller, install the library to your development environment, and control whatever you want from your sofa.

– Infrared wireless remote control kit 38KHz with IR remote control with 17 function keys, firing distances of up to 8 meters.
– Effective angle: 60 degrees
– Expected lifetime: 20,000 key press actions
– Battery CR2025 needed

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2 reviews for IR Remote Control Sender Receiver Kit for Arduino etc.

  1. m.p (verified owner)

    This IR remote and receiver set works as described and very well, and is very easy to integrate into an Arduino project. I followed the directions in the link at the bottom of the product description and was scrolling hex codes on a serial terminal in less than five minutes, using an Arduino Nano and the receiver running at 5V.

    In a room with the blinds closed but several different kinds of lights on (incandescent and LED), the remote worked reliably as far away from the receiver as I could get (about 6m in the room). At 6m there were only two scrambled messages out of 100 that I sent, which is very good.

    Two things to note:
    – Like it says in the product description, the remote needs a CR2025. Even if you have hundreds of CR2032s kicking around, use a CR2025. You _might_ be able to fit a CR2032 in there but you’ll probably bend or break something in the remote.
    – Holding down a button on the remote will send the code that corresponds to the button (i.e. 0xFFA25D when pressing the “1” button). If you let go of the button and then press it again it will send the same code. If you press and hold the button, it will send the code you expect and then repeat 0xFFFFFFFF until you let it go. This is normal behaviour.

    Long story short: It works very well, it’s easy to use, the price is great, but make sure you use the right battery.

  2. m.p (verified owner)

    Just an update – bought some more of these and didn’t have any CR2025 batteries. A CR2032 is a tight fit but it seems to work fine. Your experience may differ…

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