Mini Data Logger DS1307, Micro SD, Backup Battery, I2C, SPI


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This small Data Logging Module measures only 34 x 36mm and is basically identical to the popular but 3x bigger and more expensive “Datalogging Arduino Shield” in Arduino Uno form factor. It contains a slot for Micro-SD or TF memory cards (connection through SPI interface) with the level shifter for 5V microcontroller boards, a DS1307Z real-time-clock chip with 32kHz crystal for timekeeping, a lithium coin cell CR1220 for up to 7 years of timekeeping and data retention, and a 3.3V LDO voltage regulator for the memory card.

This module is perfectly supported by renowned Arduino libraries but is also very easy to control with any other microcontroller with I2C and SPI capability.

Furthermore, the RTC chip DS1307 comes with 56 Bytes of battery-backed, non-volatile memory, and counts seconds, minutes, hours, and includes a calendar with leap-year compensation up to the year 2100.

The module operates perfectly at 0-70 degrees Celsius.

Important design information:
– SD memory cards can draw a peak current of more than 100mA during a write-cycle. A stable power supply shall be provided, and it is not recommended to power the module through a single I/O pin on the microcontroller.
– The module has 10k pull-up resistors for the I2C bus on board.

The coin cell CR1220 is not included and must be purchased separately.

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