Mini DC-DC automatic buck/boost SEPIC converter 5V 600mA

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This brand new module is 19 x 14mm small and delivers 5V and up to 600mA output power from an input voltage of 3-15V.

Whenever you need a voltage converter to supply 5V to your project from different power sources like a single lithium cell or a 9V battery, this converter is the solution. As long the input voltage (cell voltage) is higher than 3V, the converter will deliver a stable 5V output voltage.

The switching frequency is with its 1.2MHz very high which makes a design with small components possible.

Pro tip: The output voltage is defined by a resistor voltage divider in the feedback circuit, and can be adjusted by changing the resistor values.

The EN pin (enable) can be tied to the input voltage or controlled by a switch or a logic output from another device.

Quiescence current: 0.2mA
Input voltage: 3-15V DC
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 600mA
Dimensions: 19 x 14mm


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