MP3 Player Module SV17F 4MB

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An MP3 Audio Player Module with SV17F Chip and 32Mbit (4MB) Flash Memory. The module has an onboard Class-D amplifier (5W max.) and requires a power supply of 5V (for example USB).

The module can hold up to 65k sound files like songs or voice notifications. 255 files can be directly addressed using the parallel address pins on the module.

Full access to all files and to functions like play, pause, and volume settings is available through a simple serial connection (9600 baud).

Supported file formats: MP3, WAV
Supported sampling rates (kHz): 8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48
Analog output: 24-bit DAC, 90dB dynamic range, 85dB SNR
Memory: 32Mbit (4MByte) Flash storage, accessible by USB to upload files
Amplifier: Integrated 5W Class D amplifier for 4+ Ohm speaker
Size: 23 x 26mm

How to use the SV17F with Arduino: external link

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