Noise Sound Audio Sensor adjustable trigger output for Arduino etc.


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Noise Sound Audio Sensor analog and trigger output, adjustable sensitivity.Compatible with Arduino and other Micro Controllers.

The noise sensor has a tiny microphone capsule on bard, and can trigger an output signal when an adjustablenoise level has reached. The additional analog output can feed for example into a microphone amplifier or a sound processor. The power supply should be chosen accordingly to the connected micro controller; for example 5V for an Arduino Uno, or 3.3V for an Arduino Due or Zero.

Please see the schematic; it shows a trigger circuit very similar to the one on the Noise/Audio Sensor board. The analog output is not shown on the drawing, but it is just the straight signal from the microphone.


  • Operating Voltage (max.) 2- 36V
  • Operating Voltage (recommended) 3.3 or 5.0V
  • Trigger output with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Max. output (sink) current 16mA.
  • Dimension sensor 15x 37 x 14 mm, 3.6g


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