LCD Display 84×48 Pixel – SPI – Backlight


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84×48 pixel graphic LCD (Nokia 5110) for Arduino, Raspberry and Co., incl. header. A very easy-to-use LCD screen, with 84 x 48 pixel resolution. These displays debuted in the Nokia 5110 cell phone, well known for their high contrast and bright backlight. These small screens are incredibly popular again, because of their easy programming and low price.

This is a 2.7-3.3V device. A higher supply voltage or logic level can destroy it.

The backlight is internally connected to VCC and the “light” pin is the open cathode that needs to be connected to GND for the backlight to work.

Since there are plenty of libraries and code examples online, we just recommend you use the online search (Google for example) and pick the one you think will meet your needs.

We offer a variety of larger LCD graphic displays as well, for example, 128 x 64 pixels in green/yellow and blue.


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