The LED Panelmeter Voltmeter Ammeter has a measuring range of 0-100V DC and 1-10A.

  • Operating Voltage 4-30V DC, max. 20mA
  • On-Module Shunt Resistor 0.075 Ohm
  • Sample Rate about 3 Samples / Second
  • Display: 0.28″ LED Blue (Voltage) and Red (Current)
  • Dimensions: 48 x 29 mm, Thickness 22 mm
  • Panel Opening: 46 x 27 mm

2 trimmers on the back of the Panelmeter Voltmeter Ammeter allow for adjusting the voltage and current reading.

The current zero point can be reset with the following procedure:
– disconnect the power
– shorten the 2 contacts “I_ADJ_Z”
– supply power to the module, and the current reading is reset to zero

The thin red and black wires are for the power supply, yellow is the voltage sensing line.

If you want to power the Panelmeter Voltmeter Ammeter from the voltage you want to measure, connect red and yellow together to [+] and leave the thin black wire unconnected.

If you have a separate power supply, connect it to the thin red and black wires. Connect yellow to the voltage you want to measure.

Please see the possible circuits in the pictures.

The tolerance is about 1%. A current lower than 1A causes a less accurate reading.

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