Pocket FM Stereo Radio DIY Soldering Kit 76-108MHz

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This is an excellent soldering training kit of a pocket-sized FM Stereo Radio DIY with automatic channel search, volume up and down buttons, headphone connector and battery holder for 2 x AA batteries.

Soldering is so easy that it doesn’t even come with instructions. Just match the parts in the bag with the silkscreen on the PCB and verify the proper positioning by checking the pictures.

There is 1 SMD chip to assemble. Some experience with soldering of SMD is recommended.

The current consumption is about 20mA, which gives about 100-120 hours of listening time with a new pair of Alkaline AA batteries.

The headphone output is designed for 32 Ohm (or higher) impedance.

Dimensions: 57 x 32 x 20mm

Note: Branding and colour can be different from the picture.

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1 review for Pocket FM Stereo Radio DIY Soldering Kit 76-108MHz

  1. 4 out of 5

    rob.prouse (verified owner)

    Easy to solder and works well enough for a $5 radio. It took about 15 minutes to build. Some people might have trouble with the surface mount chip if they haven’t done it before but it isn’t that hard.

    The RDA5807FP is an interesting chip. It would be fun to buy a second kit for components to explore it’s I2C capabilities. The datasheet is available online.

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