Proximity Sensor LJ12A3-4-Z-BX NPN Output – 4mm Range – 6-36V Power Supply

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Proximity switch with M12 mounting thread and 4mm sensing distance.

Proximity sensors are used to detect the movement or rotation of metal (for example crankshafts), and to detect the status of lids and doors (open/closed).

The output signal is ON or OFF (open collector, max. 300mA). This sensor can not be used to measure the distance to a conductive object.

Easy connection with a 3-Wire interface (+, -, load).

  • Operating Voltage: DC 6-36V Output
  • Current: max. 300mA
  • Output Transistor: NPN
  • Output Status: NO (Normally Open)
  • Dimension: M12 x 10 x 55mm
  • Detection Distance: 4 mm
  • Cable Length: min. 1m

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