DS3231 RTC module, 32kB Memory, I2C interface, Battery Backup

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This Real Time Clock Module comes with a DS3231 RTC chip (compatible with Maxim/Dallas DS3231SN),  battery backup and a 32kB I2C EEPROM.

The module has a socket for a rechargeable lithium cell LR2032 and a simple charging circuit.

Since the current drawn from the battery is very tiny, and a standard CR2032 cell will last way over 5 years, it does not make much sense to invest in one of the very expensive, rechargeable cells. If you want to use a standard CR2032 lithium cell, you only need to interrupt the charging circuit by removing one component. Please see the picture gallery for details.

  • 2-wire connection SDA/SCL
  • Operating voltage 3.3V – 5.5V DC
  • Multiple libraries (from different authors) are available

Download Maxim DS3231 datasheet

Download 24C32N datasheet

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