SMD Soldering Learning Kit, LED Light Effects with NE555

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The easiest way to gather new skills is by doing some practice. If you want to start soldering SMD/SMT parts, you definitely need some training. And before you are going to mess up some of your expensive prototypes, you better have something cheap for your exercise.

When you finished your soldering practice kit, and you connect it to a power supply 3-12V, you will get a LED light moving around in a circle (see pictures).

The kit includes the circuit board, about 100 passive parts (resistors or capacitors) from size 0402 to 1206, 2 integrated circuits, several LEDs and diodes.

More than 270 solder joints must be finished. You will need between 30 and 90 minutes for this kit, depending on your experience, and the right tools (solder wire 0.5-0.8mm and a solder pen with 0.3-0.6mm pencil-tip would be perfect).

You will find out how difficult it already is, to solder an SOP chip, if you haven’t done it at all. The “big” 1206 package parts are considered very easy to assemble, just like 0805. It becomes a little more tricky with 0603 packages, and 0402 is a challenge. When you have mastered this kit, you can move on to assemble your first real SMD project, without messing it up.

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