Sound activated LED light effect – DIY soldering kit with CD4017


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A badge-shaped LED light effect module DIY soldering kit.  The 10 LEDs form a circle where a light dot is moving depending on the sound (noise, voice) captured by a microphone.

A power supply of 4-12V is required.

The PCB is 48mm in diameter.

This little project demonstrates the function of the decade-counter IC CD4017.

The print on the PCB shows all the components on one side. This makes sense because the PCB is only single-sided (no plated through-holes). But as you can see in the image gallery, we mounted the microphone and the LEDs from the backside with about a 5mm distance to the PCB. This gives the module a way more attractive look, but it also is a little more challenging since it requires soldering underneath the LEDs and the microphone.

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