ST7789 TFT IPS Display – 1.3 inch – 240×240 pixel


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1.3″ TFT Display with IPS Panel and 65k colours.

The ST7789 TFT display controller requires 3.3V power supply and logic level.

The backlight control pin BLK is low-active.

Please note: The ST7789 TFT module doesn’t have a Chip-Select pin.

  • Module dimension: 28 x 39mm
  • Screen dimension: 23 x 23mm
  • Mounting holes: 2mm

Like always, libraries for ST7789 TFT (for example for Arduino) are available on GitHub.

A larger 2.4″ colour TFT (shield for Arduino UNO or MEGA) is also available from UNIVERSAL-SOLDER.

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Dimensions 30 × 50 × 15 mm






1 review for ST7789 TFT IPS Display – 1.3 inch – 240×240 pixel

  1. 5 out of 5

    m.p (verified owner)

    This display is bright, sharp, and has a wide viewing angle (both up/down and left/right).

    As the description states, it’s 3.3V, and it’s SPI despite the data and clock pins being labelled SDA and SCL on the one I received. I connected it to a 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini using the following pins:
    – GND -> GND
    – VCC -> VCC
    – SCL -> 13 (SCK)
    – SDA -> 11 (MOSI)
    – RES -> 9
    – DC -> 8
    – BLK -> no connection

    There are several popular libraries out there that work with this display. It took me a little longer to get it working than I expected but that was because with no CS pin, the SPI mode needs to be set to SPI_MODE2. With that set, it works like a charm!

    This display (like many others) is very fragile and will be damaged if it’s not protected. The one I received came in a small plastic box that no longer fit when I soldered the pins on so I cut a small hole in the box so the pins could stick through.

    Long story short: it looks great, it’s 3.3V, use SPI_MODE2, and the price is very good.

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