Stereo TDA2030 Audio Amplifier DIY Kit with Tone control V1.1


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Stereo TDA2030 Audio Amplifier DIY Kit with Tone control V1.1 comes with an improved circuit design, and only requires a single supply voltage of 12-30V.

On board are controls for volume, bass and treble.

The input is a 3.5mm stereo jack that can connect to any MP3 player, phone or TV with a stereo audio output (e.g. headphone port or RCA ports).

The kit is easy to assemble – just follow some helpful instructions:

NOTE: Always watch the polarity of electrolytic capacitors, integrated circuits and diodes! The long lead on the caps is [+] and the marking on the body is [-]. The diodes have a ring printed on their cathodes [-].

  • Install all the parts, except the TDA2030, beginning with the lowest profile (resistors), and finishing with the tallest (potentiometers, heatsinks and large capacitors).
  • Next, you install the TDA2030 into the holes on the PCB and affix them to the heat sinks using the screws in the kit. The final step is to solder the 5 leads of every TDA2030 to the PCB.
  • After double-checking all solder joints and the position of all parts, you can supply your module with power. The idle current, with the volume potentiometer turned to the lowest level, should not exceed about 50mA. If the current is higher or even your supply voltage drops or shortens out, YOU need to do troubleshooting.

The typical output power is about 2 x 15W on 4 Ohm loads (speaker) with a power supply of 24V. As higher the speaker impedance, as lower the maximum output power.

The Stereo TDA2030 Audio Amplifier DIY Kit with Tone control V1.1 includes:
– circuit board
– all parts to assemble
– 3 potentiometer knobs
– 2.1/5.5mm DC jack (not in the picture)
– 2 speaker terminals


The kit may include some random spare parts like resistors or capacitors. Just keep them for another project.

Additional information

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Dimensions 150 × 180 × 19 mm






1 review for Stereo TDA2030 Audio Amplifier DIY Kit with Tone control V1.1

  1. 5 out of 5

    rusty.bryttan (verified owner)

    Suprisingly clean and powerful sound, given it’s cost and size.
    Fun kit and a nice amp – great to get back into kit building (after several decades away).

    Some notes:
    – lots of small passive components – keep a magnifying glass handy, work slowly and triple-check everything.
    – some values printed on the pcb don’t match schematic (R8, R9, R11, R12). When in doubt, trust the schematic.
    – be sure to use a CLEAN power supply – had an awful 60Hz hum until I powered it off a 12v battery.

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