CANADUINO STM32 Black Pill WeAct V3.1 (NEW) STM32F411CEU6 100MHz – 512kB Flash


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Newest Version WeAct V3.1 MiniF411 STM32F411CEU6 Development Module is exclusively available in Canada from UNIVERSAL-SOLDER Electronics!

(pictures show predecessor V3.0)

Note: Headers included but not assembled.

This brand new module comes with a 100MHz STM32 MCU with 512kB Flash and 128kB RAM.

The STM32F411 MCUs deliver the performance of Cortex-M4 core with the floating-point unit, running at 100 MHz while achieving outstandingly low power consumption values in run and stop modes.

Implementation for Arduino and MicroPython have already been published, to make programming even easier than with STM’s official development tools.

More information is available on ST Microelectronics website, GitHub, and WeAct website.

– 32 I/O ports, thereof 14 analog ports
– 5V power supply / 3.3V logic level
– on board RTC with its own clock base and connections for backup battery
– USB-C interface

Please read this great review written by one of our customers.

Also available from UNIVERSAL-SOLDER:
– A set of 3 “Black Pill” modules including ST-Link V2 programmer/debugger
– Our “Black Pill Pro” with 128MB additional memory and fully assembled and tested
– A very handy STM32 screw-terminal adapter with battery backup for the RTC

To use the module with the Arduino IDE, download and install the STM32Cube Programmer:
… and add the link for the following board manager file to the Arduino IDE:
Open the Board Manager menu, search for STM32, and install the board manager package “STM32 MCU based boards”.
When done, select:
– “Generic STM32F4 series” from the boards list
– “BlackPill F411CE” from board part numbers
– “Enabled (generic ‘serial’)” from U(S)ART support
– “CDC (generic ‘Serial’ supersede U(S)ART” from USB support if available
– “STM32CubeProgrammer (DFU)” from Upload method

Now you can create your sketch and upload it to your “Black Pill”. To switch it into DFU mode, press and hold the Boot button, then reset the module, and release the Boot button. The blue LED should turn off, and your program will upload to the Black Pill using the on board USB connection.

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1 review for CANADUINO STM32 Black Pill WeAct V3.1 (NEW) STM32F411CEU6 100MHz – 512kB Flash

  1. 5 out of 5

    hathaway (verified owner)

    Great little boards. I guess the Raspberry Pi Pico (also great little boards, and much cheaper) stole their thunder. I bought the non-Pro version, not realizing that I needed more memory to run MicroPython. After the MicroPython install you have 45K of program memory left. Not enough. No big deal – I ordered a Winbond W25Q128 chip from Digikey and soldered it and a capacitor on the board. Reflashed the board with a slightly modified MicroPython and now I have 16MB to work in. Nice!

    Have a look at . I’ve been tinkering with and interfacing the Black Pill with lots of different hardware, though only a few things have made it onto my crappy little website yet.

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