STM32 DIY Screw Terminal Adapter for Blue Pill and Black Pill Modules

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Brand new, and exclusively available only from UNIVERSAL-SOLDER Electronics in Canada:

The Screw Terminal Adapter (DIY soldering kit) for STM32 modules like Blue Pill and Black Pill (STM32Duino) with STM32F103 and STM32F4x1 series MCUs.

We added a powerful voltage regulator to extend the power supply voltage to 30VDC, and the current delivery capability for the 3.3V line to 250mA (depending on input voltage).

Furthermore a battery holder for a CR1220 lithium button cell – necessary for real-time clock and to keep register values without power supply – was added to the module.

The adapter shows the pinout for “Blue Pill” STM32F103 modules in one direction, and for “Black Pill” STM32F4x1 modules in the other direction (upside down).

Dimensions: 80 x 50mm

This module needs assembling. All included parts are shown in the spread picture. We selected big packages for the 2 capacitors and the voltage regulator, easy to solder for everyone who can solder standard through-hole components as well.

Backup battery CR1220 is sold separately.

Attention: The maximum input power can’t exceed 2.5W at room temperature for sufficient cooling of the voltage regulator.

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