USB TTL UART Converter Cable PL2303TA Windows XP to 10


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USB-TTL (serial RX/TX) adapter cable with genuine PL2303 TA chip.

This USB-TTL converter cable guarantees the highest compatibility with all Microsoft Windows Versions from XP to 10.

You can use it, for example, for Arduino programming or Raspberry Pi console operation. Or you can turn any 5V-level RX/TX connection like for 433/315MHz wireless modules into a COM connection to access it, for example, with a serial console/monitor program.

The current driver (in 09/2018) is version 1.20 from 7/30/2018 and will be updated through Windows Update (also available for download on the Prolific Taiwan website).

Wire colours:
red – 5V
black – GND
white – RX
green – TX

Note: Stay away from cables with PL2303HX chip. These are usually counterfeit chips that give you a lot of headaches.

Do you like the USB-Dongle-Style better than a cable? Check out our CH340 USB-UART adapter.

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