WEMOS D1 ESP8266 WiFi Development Board – compatible with Arduino and NodeMCU

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The WEMOS D1 ESP8266 WiFi Development Board is a microcontroller board based on the ESP8266 chip. It is designed to be compatible with both the Arduino and NodeMCU development platforms, making it a versatile tool for hobbyists, makers, and engineers. The board features built-in WiFi connectivity, which allows it to be used in projects that require wireless communication. The ESP8266 chip is a low-cost, low-power system-on-a-chip that includes a microcontroller, WiFi module, and memory. The WEMOS D1 board includes a range of input/output pins, making it easy to interface with sensors, actuators, and other components. The board is commonly used for DIY electronics projects, hobbyist inventions, and educational purposes, and is ideal for projects that require WiFi connectivity.

The D1 also features an on-board switching power supply which allows you to power the board from a power supply up to 15V. It comes with 11 GPIO pins (input/output/PWM/I2C; except D0), and 1 analog input. The PWM resolution is 10bit (1MHz frequency).

The integrated 5V switching power supply (1A) is followed by a 3.3V LDO to supply power for the Wifi module and the 3.3V output (power supply for sensors and shields).

Note: This is a 3.3V logic level device and higher levels on any pin can destroy it. The max. input voltage for the analog pin is 3.2V


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