Documents and Downloads


We provide manuals or documentation for our CANADUINO® branded products and some 3rd party products.

This includes, for example, the following resources:
– links on the product page to external content
– images in the gallery on the product page
– downloads of manuals (typically PDFs) from our servers
– downloads of libraries and demo-code from our servers

We are not including paper copies of datasheets or manuals with our products. If a DIY soldering kit comes with instructions in Chinese, please use your Google translate Android or iOS App to take an image of the instruction and have it translated in any language you wish within a wink!

It is important to understand that most documentation for generic products can be found in forums and online communities. Datasheets can be found on manufacturers websites.

We are unable to teach you the basics of electronics, how to solder, or how to install a library in the Arduino IDE. We cannot teach you how to use Google and GitHub or how to program in Arduino, Python or Lua. The basics of electronics, like reading schematics, troubleshooting, or soldering is a prerequisite to work with DIY electronics!


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